There is a cost saving trend in the industry that is becoming more prevalent. With tighter budgets, clients are looking for ways to save more money. And, in the case of existing clients, if they have always been happy with your proof to press color reproduction, the question of whether a proof is needed is valid.
It IS possible not to make hard copy proofs, BUT with these parameters:
1. Know your client – are they very four color process savvy? Understand the pitfalls, even with a hard copy proof or without one?
2. Are you calibrated with G7 and is it monitored closely?
3. New clients with whom you have no pre-existing history should always see a hard copy proof.
4. If the project is a publication you have printed for some period of time, there is much less risk.
5. Get the client to sign a Process color waiver. The agreement should state you will run to G7 standards and that is what they will receive, with no recourse.

These are a few ideas on how to approach the subject. The alternative can be “we will not do that” – but I guarantee that they will find a printer who will.
And then, you lose, the other printer gains…