Some people thrive on negotiation. Some cultures have it ingrained in their way of conducting business. I have heard anecdotes about buyers (of a certain culture) trying to change the house price at a closing, believing negotiations had never ended. Our industry is no different in some regards, although I believe there are more prices and services negotiated over now, than in the past. How does or should a print Salesperson negotiate with their clients?

1. Offer a compromise. Meet them half way in price reduction or offer something else for the same price.

2. Ask what their budget allows them to spend and offer alternatives within the budget.

3. Don’t take it personal, that you are “not worth an extra $500″. The client usually has a number in mind. If you ARE within the budget, and they deem
that you or your company are not worth the quoted price, you have another problem. Your sales skills or value propositions are broken or do not exist.

At some point, if the negotiating goes on too long, walk away. Unless you have a large contract at stake in the negotiations, you are wasting time on a sale that may never happen, or a future client that will drive you to drink…